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It’s unusual for me to go one day without posting, let alone three, but the operative words this time both start with P: Party and The Plague. The coughing started last Wednesday or Thursday and by Friday night I was coughing and sneezing and noseblowing all the way through my friend’s party and it continued through yesterday’s meetup downtown in the afternoon. If any one of the 60 or so people in my radius got infected, I take full blame.

I debated whether to go to the meetup as I’m certain 40 people in a room would find one person’s persistent coughing very bothersome, but I brought my furry red scarf to muffle it and sat as far back as I could.

Spent the entire day in bed, sleeping, hoping to rid myself of The Plague.

I did manage to take lots of photos this weekend, however. The one above is a decent sunset photo by my work Blackberry yesterday as the Android battery was dying to the point where it couldn’t power the camera. Lots of “real” photos to come.

Gail at Large
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Gail at Large
Also here

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