Step Right Up, It’s Movember Time!

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I just posted a Movember contest over at The Brides’ Project website. It’s a THOUSAND buckeroos so tell your participatin’ fellas!

I’m reposting the text again here:

It’s that time of the year again — time to turn a page in your calendar from October to MOVEMBER!

We’re doubling our Movember donation from $5,000 (in the end it was $5,100) last year to a whopping 10Gs this year. Yes, you heard right: we’re planning our $10,000 donation to Movember 2011… and looking forward to listening to our male counterparts telling us why they participate!

We’ll be offering $1,000 each week for the most compelling story (x5), and then 5 x $1,000 donations randomly assigned based on the order of the email receipt to

Let the men in your life know that we support them too!!!

Please ask them to submit:

  1. a pic of their ‘mo’ (a more fully formed pic from previous years is acceptable!)
  2. their reasons for taking part and supporting the cause
  3. a link to their personal fundraising page at Movember Canada

Email those 3 things in a single entry to: but only ONE (1) entry per person, please. We can spot a double-mo from miles away, so don’t try it!

Remember… submissions will be lowest in the first week, so to increase their odds of winning, SUBMIT SOON!!! And spread the word to friends, family and colleagues that their guy’s fundraising page will be the envy of moustaches everywhere with a $1,000 boost from The Brides’ Project. Good luck, everyone!

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Gail at Large
Also here

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