Sunsets Never Get Old


The fantastic view Saturday night from a patio on Long Island’s north shore. After it got dark, we spotted fireworks from across the water from a location we couldn’t quite identify… somewhere over in Connecticut? I could’ve hung out on that patio all night. As it were, a cloud formed overhead and it began to splatter enough to send everyone inside. But instead we chose to move to a cocktail table under an eave and enjoy the view, anyway.


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8 thoughts on “Sunsets Never Get Old

  1. Gail

    Shots are beautiful as always.

    It was a delight having you visit us although way too brief. Your portrait pic of Marie and I was a gracious gift. Many thx!!!!

    See you in Sept…


    • Thank you, Otto! It was a pleasure to see you and Marie again, and Marie’s impressive garden for the first time. Looking forward to September! I’ll try not to eat anything before then, you know, save the appetite…

    • I installed it some months ago, it gives visitors a search feature and promotes sharing without losing the title of the blog. I like it!

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