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A new autumn look! Still a couple of pages under construction (eg., Linkage), but here’s one nifty feature: the image in the middle frame of the header changes every time the page is reloaded. I’ve only got four images in the cycle for now, but I’ll add more as I go along. The new theme might be a little testy for a while before all the kinks get ironed out. Let me know about any other weirdness, please and thank-you!

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Gail at Large

Canadian expat, freelance photographer, blogging daily for nearly 12 years. More than 5,000 posts across 95 categories, there is something here for everyone -- especially if you like travel photography.

Moved to Portugal Autumn 2013. Also lived in Australia, Scotland, and the USA. Native English speaker, learning Portuguese. Apologies to the locals for my terrible pronunciation!
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