Victoria Day Long Weekend, Part I

The long weekend isn’t over yet, but I have a boatload of pictures already. This will be a quick preview while I go through the memory cards.

First of all, the circus is in town from Saturday to Monday:

Toronto International Circus Festival 2008

Zero Gravity Circus

A couple of short videoclips from this afternoon at the Queen’s Quay Terminal:

I also caught the tail end of the circus yesterday, bumped into a bunch of couchsurfers at a hot dog stand at the harbourfront and took the ferry with them to Centre Island, then got separated when I was engrossed in photography…

enjoying the moment

three's a crowd

…and then met up with them later at Quadir’s place after buying a guide book near Dundas Square, where a rather persistent fellow tried to pick me up while I was eating a hot dog (one of those stories best told in person). When he asked for my phone number I took a quick exit, stage left, directly for the subway and Quadir’s impromptu party!

Sam played bartender and mixed some wicked drinks, including my personal favourite, the sangria:

play it again, Sam


A late night that was much later for others who went out on the town after we parted ways at Quadir’s, especially since we all met up again in the morning for dim sum at Sky Dragon.

dim sum

I caught more of the circus after dim sum, and I might even go for a third shot at some photographs tomorrow!

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