Where’s Beano?

where's Beano?

View On Black and you can see his eyes are as round as saucers. He gets such a big kick out of this!

Seriously, this cat gives me a mild heart attack whenever he decides to go hiding for long periods of time. Like this morning, when he crawled into a drawer full of clothes. Like this evening, when I thought he’d escaped out the door. Eventually I found him hiding on top of the kitchen cabinets. Beano watched me from above with great interest as I was calling out his name and hunting high and low around the apartment. I’m sure he was greatly amused.

Today’s injection attempt was not a success. Only got a bit of Plasma-Lyte into him, will try again tomorrow. I know Arliin didn’t have it easy injecting him at home, I wonder how long it took for her to get the hang of it?

Xe Lua: Vietnamese Comfort Food

#101 - MEDIUM! Can you imagine what the LARGE is like?
This is MEDIUM!

My favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto recently relocated, thankfully only upstairs from where they were before, on Spadina Avenue just south of Dundas Street. Their former location was far too small for the number of regular patrons, and it was getting so run down and dark that even a coat of paint wouldn’t have done the trick.

I was happy to see that Xe Lua’s new space was not only brighter, it was probably at least twice the size and just as busy as it was before! But you can’t go wrong with the portions: have a look at that monster bowl of soup above. That’s a MEDIUM! I was going to order a small soup, because I had something to eat earlier at The Rhino with the games gang and I wasn’t that hungry, or at least as hungry as James.

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Board Games Sunday

Someone had an idea to have another board games Sunday, after a successful one in December that I missed (because I was short filmmaking? I can’t remember). It’s easy in the winter to stay at home most of the time, and yesterday I wanted to have a boring Saturday after last week’s shenanigans of getting locked out for the evening. But after a day of laundry and cleaning, I was ready to emerge again.

Uno mania

Uno mania

A bunch of us met up at The Rhino for a round of games (the cardboard kind versus the electronic kind) over food and bevs. I brought my turntable Scrabble, regular Scrabble, and Taboo, and when I arrived there was already a heated game of Uno at one end of the table. The game pile also included backgammon, Chinese checkers, and Mikado.

Taboo is always interesting when players are from different countries and have varying commands of the English language :) Actually, it’s more fun when there’s a cultural mix, because the “cuers” have to be very creative in getting their team to guess the word. I used to play Taboo a lot in Edinburgh when I was the assistant manager of the Bruntsfield Youth Hostel. I’d gather a group of hostellers together to participate and we’d play late into the night — the larger the teams, the louder it became!

the big squeeze

the big squeeze

Yesterday was “Free Hug Day” and a bunch of our group had hugged random people in front of Eaton Centre for THREE HOURS which made for some hilarious stories this afternoon.

More pics from today:

The Test Of Time

Volubilis, Morocco

Volubilis, Morocco

More on Volubilis, Morocco.

I’m adding it to the Morocco set, which is best viewed as a full-screen slideshow, or watch a smaller version autoplay in the slideshow below:

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All Better Now

all better

Whatever Beano did to his leg, it’s all better now. He’s running around the house without a limp, leaping and bounding without stiffness or creakiness.

He looks bigger than Xena in this picture, but it’s an illusion — he’s actually smaller. They don’t usually lie this close together, Xena hisses him away. She doesn’t seem to mind today, maybe because she’s been racing around all morning and more than ready for a catnap.