(I ruined my own surprise today, by accident. More on this in a bit.)

Thank you, Siobhan! I’m sorry Canada Post took so long to deliver it, but it is no less appreciated and it’s still a happy surprise!

Illustration by Relentlesstoil.

I love it!

Xena even got in on the act.

Xena's contribution to the picture

It was pure coincidence that the day the package arrived was the day I happened to post this photo of Annabel wearing David’s aviator goggles in a comment, which sparked this comment which absolutely CONFUSED me. I couldn’t make heads nor tails of what Siobhan was talking about, so I sent her a Flickrmail and she confessed that a print had been enroute to me since well before Christmas. In fact, it was my Christmas present and it should have arrived; apparently, it went back and forth between Philly and Toronto three times!

Ah, the irony: the Aviator just kept flying. And now she has (finally) landed.