Where’s Beano?

where's Beano?

View On Black and you can see his eyes are as round as saucers. He gets such a big kick out of this!

Seriously, this cat gives me a mild heart attack whenever he decides to go hiding for long periods of time. Like this morning, when he crawled into a drawer full of clothes. Like this evening, when I thought he’d escaped out the door. Eventually I found him hiding on top of the kitchen cabinets. Beano watched me from above with great interest as I was calling out his name and hunting high and low around the apartment. I’m sure he was greatly amused.

Today’s injection attempt was not a success. Only got a bit of Plasma-Lyte into him, will try again tomorrow. I know Arliin didn’t have it easy injecting him at home, I wonder how long it took for her to get the hang of it?

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One thought on “Where’s Beano?

  1. They do have an incredible talent to hide and give you a heart attack thinking that you’ve let them escape or that they fallen out of the window! And then, they’ll reappear when they’re hungry :)

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