Xe Lua: Vietnamese Comfort Food

#101 - MEDIUM! Can you imagine what the LARGE is like?
This is MEDIUM!

My favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto recently relocated, thankfully only upstairs from where they were before, on Spadina Avenue just south of Dundas Street. Their former location was far too small for the number of regular patrons, and it was getting so run down and dark that even a coat of paint wouldn’t have done the trick.

I was happy to see that Xe Lua’s new space was not only brighter, it was probably at least twice the size and just as busy as it was before! But you can’t go wrong with the portions: have a look at that monster bowl of soup above. That’s a MEDIUM! I was going to order a small soup, because I had something to eat earlier at The Rhino with the games gang and I wasn’t that hungry, or at least as hungry as James.

James only gets chopstick practise when he’s with me, but as you can see he’s getting good enough to pick up even a tiny piece of carrot. Of course, that isn’t enough to make a dent in your stomach, but enough styles of shrimp will:


This is the #326, which is a large number for a menu, isn’t it? But it’s a big menu, it takes ages to get through it!

soup bokeh

Long live Xe Lua!

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2 thoughts on “Xe Lua: Vietnamese Comfort Food

  1. Nice meeting you at the CS games day Gail! I’ve been wondering, since I arrived in Toronto in Oct last year, where I could find some good Vietnamese Ph?. Looks like I might have to check this place out sometime ;) If they serve Bún bò Hu? even better!

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