She’d Get A Kick Out Of This One

Arliin Caster
September 4, 2006

Was that a terrible pun or what? If you look closely, Arliin’s holding a My Little Pony bag (that I’m sure belongs to Jumpin’ J II). Arliin loved horses, too — the live kind.

I’m slowly but surely working my way through some photos of Arliin that were submitted for her memorial on January 12. I don’t know who any of the photographers are, so I’ll have to credit “photographer unknown” until someone pipes up.

I’ve been bugging the people at Scotiabank for the past two weeks to obtain the electronic copy of the presentation they made for Arliin. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been told there are lots of good pictures in there. I found one online of Arliin wearing her Detroit Red Wings cap that I really like, but it needs major processing to tone down the flash hotspots (my pet peeve with digicams) and I have to work my way through some tutorials to figure this out in Photoshop. I’ve finished one small area and I know how I want it to look, but I’m too much of a PS newbie to know how to do it quickly yet.

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Where’s Beano?

where's Beano?

View On Black and you can see his eyes are as round as saucers. He gets such a big kick out of this!

Seriously, this cat gives me a mild heart attack whenever he decides to go hiding for long periods of time. Like this morning, when he crawled into a drawer full of clothes. Like this evening, when I thought he’d escaped out the door. Eventually I found him hiding on top of the kitchen cabinets. Beano watched me from above with great interest as I was calling out his name and hunting high and low around the apartment. I’m sure he was greatly amused.

Today’s injection attempt was not a success. Only got a bit of Plasma-Lyte into him, will try again tomorrow. I know Arliin didn’t have it easy injecting him at home, I wonder how long it took for her to get the hang of it?

Xe Lua: Vietnamese Comfort Food

#101 - MEDIUM! Can you imagine what the LARGE is like?
This is MEDIUM!

My favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Toronto recently relocated, thankfully only upstairs from where they were before, on Spadina Avenue just south of Dundas Street. Their former location was far too small for the number of regular patrons, and it was getting so run down and dark that even a coat of paint wouldn’t have done the trick.

I was happy to see that Xe Lua’s new space was not only brighter, it was probably at least twice the size and just as busy as it was before! But you can’t go wrong with the portions: have a look at that monster bowl of soup above. That’s a MEDIUM! I was going to order a small soup, because I had something to eat earlier at The Rhino with the games gang and I wasn’t that hungry, or at least as hungry as James.

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