More Snow

more snow this morning

Granted, it wasn’t much, but enough to remind us that winter isn’t even half over yet. This is my second winter in Toronto, and it seems MUCH LONGER than the first. I think we only got our first big dump of now at this time last year!

I had a big pasta lunch, leftovers from last night’s late night cookery, a lunch that left me in need of a walkabout to avoid lapsing into a food coma in the afternoon. I took out my Canon A520 and hunted urban wildlife for a little while, chasing squirrels and circling trees full of pigeons, making a general nuisance of myself to critters searching for food under the blanket of snow or hunkering down for warmth.

These photos are lumped in with the others in my Lunch Walk Series, in the slideshow below:

Late Night Cookery Strikes Again

I never know where and when the urge to cook will take hold. I just go with it. Apparently, it’s been a while since the last time — or, at least, the last time I took photos of the food.