Fetch, Beano, Fetch!

This title will make absolutely no sense for a while, but it will… eventually!

Since I was completely unsuccessful in the fluids department last night, I decided I would get up early and have another go at it this morning. I was due for brunch at 11:30, so I left enough time for a second attempt and a quick trip to the vet’s in case I wasn’t able to do it this morning.

Beano balked at my second attempt, so I put him in the carrier and called the vet while I warmed up the car. I didn’t get the needle under his skin at home, but the poor kitty needed his fluids more than I needed another practice jab. I didn’t want to jab him any more than was necessary!

The vet is north of Toronto’s city centre, so Beano cried pitifully through Saturday morning traffic while I tried to pet him through the bars to calm him down. This time I saw a third vet tech and she showed me her technique, which I think will work next time with Beano. I held the scruff of his neck with my left hand in a much better position, got the needle inserted with my right hand, and we were done in a few minutes. I remembered to buy K/D (kidney diet cat food) this time and soon we were out the door heading back home. Fingers crossed that this will be the end of the vet visits until Beano’s kidney test in May!

I spent the whole afternoon in Etobicoke in the company of some lovely ladies, two babies and one cat — all photogenic, despite what they may say! The only thing is I couldn’t figure out what was wonky with my flash — the readouts kept changing — and I kept turning it on and off and checking the battery cover because it was a bit loose. When I finally removed the external flash, I discovered I hadn’t pulled the locking mechanism lever all the way, so the contact points weren’t touching! Argh! Anyway, I did get some decent pictures, so it wasn’t all for naught.

Meet Bentley, the very good-natured kitty:


It wasn’t until after I arrived home when things started to go sideways.

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Open Cockpit AviatorDave

bearded AviatorDave

From sometime in the early 90s, the ‘stache and beard phase. It’s a picture David had framed in our house, that I now look at every day in my house.

I’ve been thinking of how long it’s been since I’ve been in a (non-commercial) airplane. Looking back, it was only October 14 (Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome), but it feels like ages.

I think I need to go up in a little plane again, to hear the roar of the engine and see the world from a couple of thousand feet in the air. It’s like therapy for me.