Arliin, at Bat Night in High Park

flashlight play in High Park

Bat Night in High Park
July 10, 2007

I made Arliin wave the flashlight around. It’s the only way she’d agree to have her picture taken — because it was DARK. Sigh.

Arliin’s the only person I know in Toronto who would ask if I wanted to join her on a bat-spotting expedition. (After all, bats are animals, too — just terribly misunderstood!) Maybe I’m the only person she knew who would be up for that sort of thing. Either way, that’s how we ended up in High Park with dozens of kids and their parents, waving flashlights around one summer night.

Boxing Beano

While Xena admires herself in the mirror, Beano spars with that other creature. If he pummels the mirror any harder, one of these days it will fall right on top of him! (If it does, it’ll just scare him — it’s light plastic.)

Yeah, there’s no mistaking who’s the female and who’s the male between them. At night, I have to keep under the covers or else Beano bites my wrist and tries to hump my arm. I don’t know what I’ll do in the summertime when it’s too hot to stay under the covers! It’s disconcerting to wake up in the middle of the night by some sharp teeth and… oh, let’s not go there…

Back to the video: I took it in low light and tried to brighten it and bump up the contrast in Final Cut Express (which I got at Christmas and am still trying to muddle through). The soundtrack is from David’s eclectic collection which includes jug music. Once I get the hang of Final Cut, it won’t look/sound so rough!

One of my favourite bits is the expression on Beano’s face around the 28-second mark. Arliin would’ve laughed her way into next week if she’d seen this; she was telling me on Jan 1 how much Beano liked the mirror on that shelving unit we dragged up to her apartment — “he was beaming at that handsome kitty on the other side!”