Mad Money

After work I took the subway WAYYYYYY up north to Sheppard (only my second time that far on the TTC) to catch a screening of the film Mad Money at the Sheppard Centre Cineplex.

Never heard of it? Neither had I, but my mind was troubled and in need of some entertainment. Plus, it was free — my friend had a couple of advance screening tickets sent her way.

The crazy part about an advance screening — which I only learned today! — is the gigantic queue that forms because all bags are searched for recording devices, and those get collected into plastic baggies. Imagine the pile of mobile phones that had to get sorted through when the film was over! I heard one guy muttering, “My phone had BETTER be there…”

But what about the film? Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t check out the synopsis beforehand, otherwise I would’ve left the security queue for, um, a paid movie with higher-paid scriptwriters. Here’s a synopsis from IMDB (spoiler alerts):

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Oh, Were You Sitting Here?

oh, you were sitting here?

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