Mr. Bean(o)

Mr. Bean(o)

I found out from the vet papers that Beano will be 14 years old in May. He is an old bean.

His left eye was on the verge of infection when I took him to the vet this past Monday, but I took him again tonight and it seems to have cleared up completely. It’s no longer cloudy and he’s not blinking in that one eye. They also gave him his fluids at the same time. It was supposed to be my practice run, but since they were already doing an eye test (for ulcers), it made sense for them to inject him then and there.

Beano was highly resistant to going TO the vet and cried pitifully all the way there, but once he arrived he was as good as gold and didn’t cry at all on the way home. What a good boy.

Arliin’s memorial service is tomorrow. I hope I can get through my little speech; it’s been brewing in my head all week.

Arliin, In Her Own Words – 2006

I’ve been reading through Arliin’s comments on this website and decided it would be a whole lot easier to find them later by making an index. Some of them are only a couple of words, a bunch of them are in password-protected posts, but some really make me chuckle. The ones on the posts about my late husband are poignant, especially now. I’ll post the 2007 index sometime over the weekend.

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