Cat Islands

cat islands

I put down one blanket for each cat, because even though Beano likes Xena, she doesn’t return his feelings. In fact, after I took this picture he went to lick her face, and after two licks she gave him a mild hiss. (I’m not keen on facials, either, Xena! Especially the sandpapery kind!)

That’s Beano in the front on a "Theatre Under the Stars" blanket (from Vancouver) and Xena in the back on an Icelandair blanket.

Yes, I collect airline blankets — not to grow a collection, but they come in very handy as picnic blankets, pet blankets for the car or cage, and moving fragile furniture. I lost a bunch in the move from PA to ON — I think Cathay Pacific, British Airways, and Lufthansa ended up with the Salvation Army stuff.

The big news today is that Beano and I survived his first visit to the vet since he became orphaned. I phoned the vet’s office first thing in the morning because I wanted to drop Beano off for observation and fluids before work, but I was told not to bring him in until the vet called me back.

I waited all day, no phone call. Until about 4 o’clock in the afternoon when the vet called me and I explained what I could, about when I thought Beano was last injected, and from what I could recall in our conversations about his injection schedule. I took the first appointment I could get today and raced home to get Beano. I thought the Old Bean would be hiding when I arrived, but I found him snoozing on the bed. He seemed perturbed that I woke him up. I hid the carrier around the corner and wondered if he could figure out where he was going, but he showed only mild resistance when I packed him up to head out the door.

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