The House of Fielding is Purring Again

tired Beano 3/3
tired Beano

Well, the ordeal for the cats is over and I can breathe a little easier now that I’ve got them here and they seem to be doing OK. Once I get Beano to the vet for an assessment tomorrow I’ll feel less anxious about his overall health, because I know he’s off his injection regimen right now.

I ended up missing the family member by a few minutes when I went nearby to grab a takeout coffee after getting to Animal Services first, but the paperwork was completed speedily. The only thing I had to pay for was the two licenses at $15 each because I wasn’t adopting them directly from Animal Services, they were given to me by the family. I told the Animal Services worker that I had put a photo of my friend on CD to give to them, but said she would mail it for me.

The cats were pretty stressed out in their cages and in the car, so I got them home quickly with only a very brief pitstop for a litter box as it had completely slipped my mind to get one beforehand and I knew the stress would probably make them want to do their business as soon as they were released.

gimme gimme some lovin'
Beano says gimme gimme some lovin’

Thankfully I kept the bottle of Feliway from when I moved to Toronto with Hugh and sprayed it around the apartment — by their food bowls, litter box, wall corners, furniture, etc. When I first brought them in they stopped meowing, which was a good sign. After some spraying and laying down of food, water, and litter they conducted their Kitty Investigative Services for an hour or two before they discovered that I was more than a piece of furniture to rub against. Hey, I rubbed back!

Xena, sitting pretty
Xena, sitting pretty

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