Some Good News

After many phone calls, I have some good news about my friend’s cats. Her next-of-kin got in touch with Animal Services, and the kind people at Animal Services passed on the message that I would like to legally adopt the cats. She has agreed to release them to me tomorrow, so I’m meeting the family member at the shelter and hopefully will find out something about funeral arrangements and any official word on the cause of death. There’s so much shock and confusion right now, but I want to make sure the cats are taken care of first and foremost.

I’ve never given a cat injections before, and Beano was never very compliant, so I’m hoping the transition to their new home is smooth. They’ve been at the shelter since Thursday; I hope they’re not too stressed out.

It’s a Dark Day

it's a dark day, it deserves a dark picture

My closest friend in Toronto passed away suddenly, less than two days after I last saw her (New Year’s Day).

I just found out today, from a friend of hers who found my website and contacted me.

She hated seeing pictures of herself, but there is one I took a few months ago by request that I think she would like if I processed it. So this is sort of a placeholder for that picture, when I get to the point where I can look at it for more than two minutes without tearing up.

I’ve been trying to find her cats, who were taken to a shelter. One of them needs medical care, he gets shots.

She was the biggest cat lover I know. Xena and Beano were her children.

On New Year’s Day, she said she was worried about what would happen to the cats if anything happened to her. I said I would take care of them, and I’ll make good on that promise.

[Update: I found her cats at a city pound, but I can't legally adopt them until 10 days have passed because I'm not next-of-kin, nor do I have Power of Attorney. I've informed them about Beano's condition the best I could, but his medication is locked up in her apartment and no one is allowed access.]