She’s Got a Cameraphone Again

Yesterday I replaced my very abused monochrome camera-less handset, the one I got free with the plan I set up nearly two years ago when I came to Toronto to begin my repatriation process and find a place to live.

I really miss that Nokia 6682 I got for free from the marketing company. Alas, it was the object of thievery in Havana one year ago. It took great pics for a cameraphone:

I don’t think this handset performs quite as well, but it’ll do. Although I’m a bit of a gadget junkie, I’m not much of a fan of the Blackberry or Treo or any of the PDAs. Maybe if I were a real estate agent I would feel differently, I suppose. The only info synching I do right now is to the iPod Touch and that’s enough. I was considering a smartphone yesterday with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard but decided to go with the small and minimalist Samsung U510. Single-hand operation (and to receive calls), but it keeps the keypad and camera covered by default. It should survive the next two years’ wear and tear.

I haven’t checked out the video feature yet. I’m sure it’s craptastic, but hey, as long as I can make and receive phone calls and data I don’t care. (Well, maybe I care a bit — I had it less than an hour and discovered the phone’s Bluetooth doesn’t like my laptop Bluetooth profile and won’t transfer photos. Drat. So I have to email them, which is a pain.)

Exhibit A: on the streetcar, a man whose hat looks like is made out of socks

nifty hat that looks like socks

Exhibit B: at the office, with Mister Hugh, the Ms, and bamboo

at work