Hamburg: Dinner at Katya’s (full video)

March 22, Hamburg

I think’s having some server issues, but it seems to be up and running now, so I thought I’d post the full version of the video I shot at Katya’s place. Strangely, it shows up green at the beginning, but then it goes away. I’ve tried to upload the video several times, but it still starts off green for some reason!

Original post: Hamburg: Airport Meeting and Dinner with the Fraus

The dinner at Katya’s was a wonderfully boisterous affair, with plenty of music and grog and delectables. By the time I shot the video, we’d already been through the main course and had moved along to cheese… and dessert… and chips… and chocolates… post-dinner grazing food. I brought my computer to show everyone the photos and video of Justi and Jonas (see previous post) from the previous Sunday, and Katya put on this wacky folk-style hippie-sixties music that everyone seemed to know. Iris is warbling to “Biene Maya” (Kristin, I see you know it, too!) and I ripped the whole zany collection of three CDs onto my hard drive during the sing-along.

The dinner is a regular monthly gathering, usually on a Wednesday, where the ladies cook and chat and catch up on each others’ lives. It’s a great idea that’s been going on for a number of years (6?), and it’s seen them through some major life events. I was glad to be a part of it, and record a snippet of it for posterity.

Who knows, I might start up something like that here in Toronto. The kitchen’s tiny, but I still have our dining table from Pennsylvania that David put together and weighs half a ton. The sheer size of it begs for lots of company!

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2 thoughts on “Hamburg: Dinner at Katya’s (full video)

  1. Uh, german Schlager music. Makes me cringe.
    Although, “Biene Maya” not so much. I guess its part of every German’s childhood memories.
    Looks like a fun evening. Did they switch to english for you every now and then?

  2. Ah yes, Schlager — that’s the name I couldn’t remember.

    I did get some English, but that’s one of the great things about music, you can enjoy it without knowing the language.

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