Sometimes Things Get Worse Before They Get Better

Or, at least that’s what I’m telling myself right now. Wrote another exam today, and was pressed for time as I was so busy studying on the Skytrain that I missed my connecting station and ended up going all the way around the Millennium Line Loop to SFU via Coquitlam. I wrote my CMS exam along with SA316, and the exam supervisor told me I couldn’t have the full two hours. I was speedwriting.

Got home and was feeling a bit better as the law firm called to say that they would like to schedule a meeting for Friday. I have to meet them at the hospital at 2pm. Moments later I got a call from ICBC, saying that they have two witnesses who report that my mother ran the red light. I’m still in a bit of shock right now. This changes everything.

I am just inches away from buying a plane ticket to some unknown destination right now… I want to boycott Christmas altogether… if even the tacky ubiquitous Christmas muzak can’t make me feel like it’s the Christmas season, I might as well be somewhere else with Buddhists and other non-believers.

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