Scenes From Pontevedra, Spain

Pontevedra, Spain

In our long weekend jaunt around the southwestern parts of Galicia the other weekend, we visited some towns that Paulo had been to before when he walked the Portuguese route of the Camino de Santiago in 2012. One of the ones he mentioned that he’d like to return to was Pontevedra, the capital of the county and province — also named Pontevedra — and the main city of this area called Rias Baixas.

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Sunset At Praia do Paraíso

Praia do Paraíso (Matosinhos, Portugal)

After Mother’s Day lunch (and Paulo’s tarte de maça) followed by an afternoon of volunteering that ran later than usual, I wanted the rest of Sunday to look like this: pick up Ice the Dog, go to the beach and watch the sun set. Paulo was on board with this idea, and we made it in time. These are the images that marked the last light of the weekend at Praia do Paraíso (Paradise Beach) in Matosinhos. Plain luck gave me this landscape scene with the fisherman, and I have a portrait version at the end of the post, too, because it is so iconic of Portugal.

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Paulo’s Homemade Tarte de Maça (Apple Pie)

Paulo's homemade tarte de maça

Today is both Dia do Trabalhador (Labour Day) and Dia da Mãe (Mother’s Day) in Portugal, which means nobody should be working today — ESPECIALLY not mothers. Sounds great in theory, but it doesn’t always work in practice. Plenty of people went to work today (and unlike in Canada, Portuguese don’t get long weekends when national holidays fall on Saturdays/Sundays, either), and we were totally unsuccessful at getting my mother-in-law out of her kitchen this year.

But all is not lost: Paulo made an apple pie.

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Porto’s Parque Oriental

Parque Oriental do Porto

Opened in June 2010, Parque Oriental is one of Porto’s newest parks, about 10 hectares of green space within viewing distance of Estádio do Dragão (stadium for Porto FC). This afternoon we acquainted ourselves with Parque Oriental for the first time, following the tracks and streams and vegetable gardens along the periphery. There are plenty of paved paths cut into the slope and the city has done a great job of incorporating water features, especially the open line down to the pond so dogs can get a cool drink on a hot day.

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