Hitting The Pause Button On Porto

Porto From Gaia

“So many photos, not enough time!” has been the mantra of the past month, with a focus on visitors and work while the blog waited patiently on the side burner. But catching up will be postponed for a couple of weeks as we launch ourselves through the air to the 2016 edition of our anniversary trip, which is also my birthday. As per usual, I won’t be blogging while we’re away, but you can find bits of our journey to two countries — both new to us — appear in Instagram and possibly the Facebook page.

Cheers to adventure!

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VI Feira Medieval de Moreira da Maia: A Preview

VI Feira Medieval de Moreira da Maia

We brought Ice the Dog to his first medieval fair and he was swept up in the melee of kids, animals, amplified music in the forest, and the smells of grilling meat. In my opinion, it’s worth going to a feira just for the pão com chouriço fresh out of the wood oven! Yum!

I have lots of photos but little editing time, so here’s a quick preview of Saturday afternoon, including a short videoclip.

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The Douro Valley Historic Train @ São Bento Railway Station, Porto

Douro Valley historic train @ São Bento, Porto

If you’re a fan of vintage trains and happen to be in Porto this week, you’re in for a treat: the Douro Valley historic train has been on display at São Bento Railway Station since Monday, hosting two lectures on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. #0186 was built in 1925 by Henschel & Son and has five historic carriages taking tourists through the Douro Valley between the towns of Peso da Régua and Tua. It departs today to prepare for the beginning of its working season on June 4.

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Electrical Box Street Art In Cedofeita, Porto

electrical box street art by Catarina Rodrigues and Thiago Marcial

Mission accomplished! I took the opportunity to photograph each one of the electrical boxes on Rua de Cedofeita that were recently jazzed up by artists, plus a couple of them that are on perpendicular streets (Travessa do Carregal and Rua Miguel Bombarda). This is a joint art-meets-function project by Porto Lazer (Porto’s municipal department of recreation) and EDP (electricity company of Portugal). I grouped the boxes by artist rather than the order in the street, with the unmarked batch at the end.

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Porto’s Parque da Pasteleira

Parque da Pasteleira, Porto

Our little troop ventured to Parque da Pasteleira in late May, continuing our mission to visit all the dog-friendly parks in the Porto area. The park looks like two separate green spaces but is actually one that’s connected by three footbridges over Rua de Afonso Paiva. It has some great features: a meandering pond with ducks and a population of Egyptian geese, a paved cycling path, a little sculpture park, and more playgrounds than the average park. They probably weren’t part of the original plans, but there’s also a bunch of resident chickens cohabiting with at least one resident cat (scroll down for the photos).

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